"The images that I paint are created to be meditated upon - to bring the viewer deeper into their own consciousness"
"Great Spirit" has inspired me to paint images designed to be meditated upon - creating a safe passage into the inner core of each viewer. My art expresses my own growing feeling of truly being a Child of God and my hope is that these images will echo in the hearts of others to activate their own Inner Child of God. From this place of inner peace, may we experience the divine connection of all living things ... reflecting the oneness and compassion inherent in our Mother Earth ..."

Thank you for your interest in my healing images.

Dee Boman
POB 828,
T or C, NM 87901
(575) 551-1978

Dee Boman's Education/Exhibitions

Photo of Dee by Cynthia Prelo-Reidlinger

My early childhood in England instilled permanent love for nature & animals in my soul. Although I was designated “Class Artist” in my high school yearbook, it was not until 1975 training as a Marine Landscape Artist in Florida that “fluid expression” ingrained itself in my artwork. My paintings reflect life transitions from Atlantic Ocean to Persian Gulf to Sonoran & Chihuahuan Deserts, with the constant sacred presence of water found in all. Studies in 1990 in New England and as a Springfield College Art Therapy student in 2002, enhanced my understanding of depth psychology and the life force energy found in all living things. From earlier seascapes, my work has evolved into “monumental” panoramas where the viewer becomes part of the painting and “ellipses” which become all-inclusive. I find my inspiration in simple images from the world around me, whether in my own backyard or on travels, and am also drawn to particular lights and colors.

The varying depths of deep blue/turquoise/aqua-marine waters, the dusty/golden/green sage of deserts, the dark/crimson/sienna cliffs, and the cobalt/amethyst/sky blues all provide a natural “high!” My painting allows me the freedom to explore “other-world senses” brought into the setting of “every-day reality.” Especially in nature can we find communion of both body and soul, if we allow our consciousness to expand enough to break down the boundaries (in the words of Martin Buber), between the holy “thee” and “thou.” Native American traditions allow for this exchange of energy between all living things, the honoring of spirit in each aspect of human, animal, plant, mineral kingdoms, and a recognition that all emanate from the same living energy Source. Learning to listen to the voice (healer) within rather than being overwhelmed by mechanical “chatterings” from our modern world presents a great challenge. Choosing a musical inspiration (vibration) that positively affects my mood is a critical component of my creative artwork. Additionally, it is in the presence of nature that peace and joy are most often experienced. This is the world that I would like to share with you.

I have a special page devoted to Spirit - please click HERE to view.

Most of these images are recreated on recycled rag stock paper. Please email or come to the gallery and select your "Healing Nature Cards" or other reproduction, or original Healing Wisdom Painting.

Cards: $5 each • Framed/matted photos: $8 (4 x 6) $10 (5 x 7)
Fine art giclees of most images are available along with original art displayed at Hidden Artist Gallery. Small Fine Art Giclee: $25 - $50. Large Canvas Giclee: $50 - $300.

Please call Nature's Wisdom @ 575-551-1978 to schedule an appointment
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Fine Art Giclees: Thanks to the following photographers
TCR Image Center, Tempe, AZ
Ann Scavarda, Pro Photo, Fountain Hills, AZ
Patrick Carr, Carr Imaging, Albuquerque, NM
Ron Keller Photography, Alamogordo, NM

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