MISSION STATEMENT: Lord, show me the way to actualize my creative and spiritual potential, through the Wisdom of Nature, for the abundant good of myself and others…


Full actualization of our Creativity is realized through alignment of our Physical Energy field with the Spirituality of our Higher Power. As our Seven Spiritual Centers (endocrine glands-chakras) begin functioning in accordance with the Laws of Nature, each Human Cocoon opens naturally to join with others in Harmony & Unity. 

BLESSED COMMUNION (Self & Other) © 2007

In that tunnel of White Light, between this world and the next. . . is a Warmth of Spirit presently unknown on Our Earth … As Healing hands bless each other’s Mind with Communion at a Heart level, Earth Beings may come to know this Golden feeling as an expression of the  Blessed Oneness between Self & Other.    


Since ancient times, “The Light” has helped each of us realize our true life destiny. While “Inner Cave” work is part of the necessary preparation, it is Sunlight that brings fruition to the process. Solar energy, another’s loving light, the light of our own Higher Power … all bring alignment to us. When we learn to trust the flow of life, Nature’s invisible “Spirit Guide” or “Green Tara” watches over our shoulder, sending us warmth and light.  No longer needing all the answers, we are able to live in a state of well-being.


Before Time Began there was no division between Self & Other, for souls reflected a higher consciousness and life purpose.  Light Beings lived together in Harmony in the Ancient Polynesian world. Taking on a cellular physicality, awareness of the spirituality inherent in human form was honored through Integrity & Compassion for All. As we remember and practice the Oneness, The Light will return…   


The real meeting place of Twin Flames is found inside Reunion with God. In loving, in serving, in giving … Each finds the Other. Enveloped in the Golden flame of Illumination - Violet flame of Freedom - Blue flame of Protection, Two now meld into One … through the Ages in Lifetime Service as Godparents to Tomorrow. 


Wet bandana, hanging on a rear view mirror – White feather dreamcatcher, flying in the breeze.  Geometric patterns to the days – Solid turquoise strung with suede.  Restless nature – Similar ways. Mind of the Universe – One and the Same.  Differences forgotten – Boundaries disappear.  Elemental eternity – Mystery is clear.


Originally created in an attempt to help restore the “spirit” of a friend who had become entangled in a situation that was backing him into a corner, the painting began taking on a  direction of its own as it evolved. The Ancient Native American Chief gazing in blessing   from the mesa cliffs onto the “river of life” below finds a companion in the Changing Woman, who comes to life as the first rays of dawn reflect a rosy glow on the pearl abalone shell centered on her forehead.  Another pearl abalone shell appears over the Chief’s right ear – with the Zia Sun, Quarter Moon, & Seven Stars between – the seeing and the hearing –


The sandy banks of the river blend into the turquoise waters, becoming sandbars that slow the rushing stream into more peaceful aquamarine pools.  On the opposite shore, natural red sandstone steps show the way home through the trail of light.  Two mud ponies come to life in these sacred waters, with living companions astride them – hands joined in Unity, arms outstretched to the Universe – buckskin-clad outer arms become feathered wings – as a golden eagle soars high in the azure sky above the mesa.    ALL IS WELL . . .

"Aquatic Communion" © 2010

In oneness, we are suspended in warm aquamarine waters  — they wash over us, support us, wish us well!  We sway with the ripples, floating like leaves; we are water & body, mind & spirit, soul of self & other.  We feel the petals of floating water lilies, the touch of dragonfly, the presence of both yin and yang — the form of our being, tension, striving and also the flow of our acceptance and openness.  In some moments and places, we are

able to find balanceWater and sunlight, the aquamarine and the gold, help us achieve this homeostasis and, hopefully, realize an earthly full synthesis of self-actualization . . .

Messages for 2013
From: Essene Book of Meditations & Blessings - Danaan Parry

Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, in a series of caves near the Dead Sea, brought to new light the wisdom-teachings of the Essene communities that existed in the deserts of the Middle East well over 2000 years ago.

These spiritual communities were dedicated to preserving the ancient teachings and to preparing the way for the new age of Pisces, when Christ energy would flood the world. They lived in simple harmony with all of nature, following the spiritual wisdom of their inner voices, which the Buddhists call "living one's dharma." Their spiritual practices allowed them to absorb and channel the vibrations and healing powers of the plants, the sun, and the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water; for their own nourishment and for the healing of the earth itself. We have much to learn from these simple folk.

The Essene teachings tell us that John the Baptist was an Essene master, and that he and other Essene teachers trained the initiate Jesus in the ancient wisdom during that 20-year period of his life about which the Bible is silent.

Still seeking compassionate steady companion to travel the trail with me -
kind of a "Johnny Appleseed" venture I guess - spreading seeds of those long ago "gentle days" -
before time began!




Morning Meditation:  The Angel of Life

My life is guided onward

Toward the Light.

All about me are the signs of growth,

The signs of new life

Bursting from containment.

I, too, feel this primal urge

To cast off limitation

And open my petals to the sun.

No longer must I wait.

I share my life with those I love.

Evening Blessing:  The Angel of Wisdom

There is a knowing in this Universe

That opens flowers in their time,

That gives me strength to grow.

The wisdom of this primal source

Is always mine to tap,

For I am One with all,

And all is mine to know.

"Golden Dancer: Isle of Lana'i" ©2012

A luscious circle of Hawaiian charm, the small isle that is part of the Maui-Moloka'i-Lana'i Kahoolawe plateau, is indeed a return to the paradise of the ancients. Geological features of an unusual nature create an amazing patchwork of colors & configurations - leading to writer Joana Varawa's inspired image of Lana'i as a living earthy hula dancer with her head in the clouds! Circular vistas stretch from mountain (volcano) top to ocean shores on all sides; sunrises and sunsets are spectacular! From the misty-mystic uplands former ranch-village of "Ko'ele" - to Dole's "Lana'i City (actually a village, in the best sense of the word) - life is "aloha" friendly ! Below, where Queen Pineapple once ruled, rolling hills reminiscent of the mid-west now lie above rocky New Mexico-red terrain. As the road winds downward, Ulalena Winds softly whistle thru towering Cook Pines; approaching shoreline, feathery Ironwoods play varying tunes. Golden setting sun and silvery moonlight reflect on luminescent aquamarine waters at Manele Bay's gentle surf and off crashing breakers at Lands End, giving a rosy glow to "Lanai's Lei ..."

Inspiration: "A Mini-Guide to Lana'i (Good as a GPS ... And Way More Fun!)" by Joana Varawa AND Maui Theatre's "Ulalena" stage production in Lahaina.


The Grandmother Tree
Is always there

The Grandmother Tree
Always Cares

Her Encircling Arms
Keep you safe

Memories That Time
Will never erase

Yolande & Carl: Love Story of the 20th Century
... showing us the way


As evening falls in the Garden of Gethsemane, a solitary cloaked figure stands with head bowed. Approaching storms gather into an electric intensity which envelopes the figure, causing lapping waves from the rocky aquaduct to wash aground. Wind gusts whip through the nearby trees, parting two spires into the heavens, revealing a dark towering tree in the background. Only a young palm reaches comfortingly forward…

Note: An Early postcard of the ARE Library Building in Virginia Beach, VA, inspired this painting. In "my eyes," new plantings along the base of the structure seemed to echo memories of Jeshua's silent vigil in the Garden. Years later, when the moment came to create this image, it also took on the "aquamarine hues" of the postcard. In addition, this figure of our "Elder Brother" became more personal, taking on the generic aspect of any human who chooses to truly follow "The Way" that He chose to guide us into…The Way that is Open to All, regardless of culture, era, nationality or religion.

All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence they came.
~~Edgar Cayce Reading 3744-5

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~~Albert Einstein


Visiting Bandelier National Monument, after a concert in Los Alamos, NM in 2007, brought me back to an earlier world of “the ancients.”  Wandering the ruins of this ancient pueblo and exploring some of the crumbling kivas, I climbed up into one of the hillside cavates to meditate on the many symbols surrounding me. It was a peaceful place

offering a  keyhole view of the beautiful valley spread below . . . and calmness spread through me as I relaxed into a more expanded awareness of my connection to things past, present and future.  Cares and concerns of the present faded into an understanding that all time is suspended when we live in the moment . . . all possibilities come alive first in our imagination and are then able to be materialized in our physical world.  I am not sure  whether I remained there for minutes or hours, but when I emerged to walk further up the trail, late afternoon skies were feathered with strange clouds and the huge rocks ahead seemed to loom larger than life.  Pausing to photograph them, I was caught up in “other world senses” and found myself sitting gazing at the sky in a powerful harmony with the silhouetted figure of a “Stargazer Elder.”*  Somehow, the distant heavens did not seem so far away that day in the ancient valley . . .  I, like that giant stone carving that Mother Nature had prepared, was waiting for the return of the “star people” to help prepare the way for a kinder gentler world . . . (Finally painting this 3 years later, the image of ** “Stargazer Elder/Grandfather” seemed to become “Grandmother Stargazer” . . . softly drumming Her new world into existence as “Grandfather’s” voice echoed from the skies)

grand rio

(Rio Grande/Taos Junction) © 2011

In Danaan Parry & Lila Forest's THE EARTHSTEWARDS HANDBOOK are the essences of the teachings and awarenesses gleaned from the Essenes, Taoism, Native American and other indigenous cultures.
The thread that weaves them together is the Sevenfold Path of Peace, a mandala of interconnected steps for living in attunement with the earth and all its creatures (see pp 8-11)

The Sevenfold Path of Peace

When we are at peace within our own hearts, we shall be at peace with everyone and with our Mother the Earth. When we recognize that our planet itself is a living organism
co-evolving with humankind, we shall become worthy of stewardship. When we see ourselves as Stewards of our planet and not as Owners & Masters of It, there shall be lasting satisfaction from our labors. When we accept the concept of Right Livelihood as the basic right of all, we shall have respect for one another. When we respect the sacredness of all life, we shall be truly free. When we free ourselves from our attachment to our ego-personalities, we shall be able to experience our Oneness. When we experience our Oneness - our total connectedness with all being, we shall be at peace within our own hearts.

(Sunday Communion at "Rio") 

The River Has Grown So Low & Muddy
  On It's Winding Way to the Sea
That the Fishes Have Buried in Deeply
  'Til the Time They Can Flow Free

Dawn-Glow's Brilliant Rays Warm My Body
  On This Glorious Sunday Morn'
In An Early Sunrise Communion ...
  Both My Soul and Senses are Reborn

Blue Heron Flies Low Along the River
  Southward Searching for His Stride
Snow Goose Follows High in the Sky
  Sunshine & Wind Support Her Ride

As I Watch from "Rio's" Hot Springs Pool
  Small Turtles Nibble Floating River-Grass
While I'm Submerged in Those Pure Fiery Waters
  Muskrat & Playful Otter Jump Into the Morass

Though I See the River's Become Stagnant
 "Yellow Bird" from the Blue Flies into View
Let's Gather Together Each Important Fragment
  To Bring Us Forever Forward Into the New

Blue Heron Flies Low Along the River
  Southward Searching for His Stride
Snow Goose Follows High in the Sky
  Sunshine & Wind Support Her Ride


If We Do Not Honor
  What is Real - What is Rare
      There is Only a Shell
          Of a Person in There

Like the Shells on the Seashore
   Ebb and Flow With the Tide
      When We are Empty and Hollow
         Love and Dreams Die Inside

Seasons of Faith
      Sands of Time
         Walk Gently Between
              Reason and Rhyme

While Waiting to Fill
   Our Void with New Life
      We Tumble and Roll
         In Our World Full of Strife

Nature's All Knowing Hand
   Slowly Enters Our Life
      Builds from One Grain of Sand
         Castles of Hope and of Truth

Seasons of Faith
      Sands of Time
         Walk Gently Between
              Reason and Rhyme

Golden Feathers on Eagles
   Reflect the Glory of the Sun
     Let Creatures of the Earth
         Live in This Power of One

There is Something There Because
   -  There is Something There
       Like the Great 'I AM' - I AM

 Seasons of Faith
      Sands of Time
         Walk Gently Between
              Reason and Rhyme