I Come to the River for Solace
I Come to the River for Care
I Come to the River because ...
My Source, You Are Always Here
            Abba-Ama - Aloha
       Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
           Namaste, Dee


Recent geological events prompt me to speak up more forcefully regarding implications of human actions on our planet.  In the midst of empathetic compassion for the world, let us be aware of very real man-made situations existing in our own continent.  If  “fracking” practices (see NM “Las Vegas Optic” News 1/22/10 pg. A8) of oil & gas companies are allowed to continue (especially in the huge Bakken Formation area of MT/ND), we face a very real possibility of “seismic events” (earthquakes) here!! Deep inter-connectedness of geologic faults & underground water fissures is not commonly understood – pressures travel tremendous distances to supposedly “unrelated” spots (e.g. mid-1900 quake that killed people at Yellowstone, WY correlated with CO practices of water pumped into old oil wells.) Yellowstone is only recently known as an “active” volcanic caldera; we also have storehouses buried deep w/atomic wastes & military arsenals in the west; all subject to triggering by inner-earth stressors reaching their limit of toleration. Enough is Enough!     

I was Blessed to spend 3 weeks in Polynesia recently and it was a much-needed
“Re-Connect” to both My Core & to Mother Earth’s Core.  The Islands of Hawaii
are one of the “Hot Spots” of Earth – an area where one becomes more conscious
of the power of the Forces of Nature – and, in turn, seeks within the Cosmic Source.
Spending days in conscious recognition of the boiling, churning magma that “lives”
inside Our Planet Earth — makes one more aware of the Planetary Stewardship that
is necessary to Keep Her Healthy & Functioning in the days ahead.  The “Big Island”  
(which I have not inhabited in fifty-two years) is Living, Breathing Live Calderas –
Her Life Forces are evident here – and are considerably and respectfully honored…
(Thanks to Friends & Family who make these occasional excursions possible…)
On our Mainland, there exist other Calderas – one of which, Yellowstone National Park,
is making Her Presence known – Long-revered (& well-visited) in appreciation of her beauteous landscapes & wildlife populations, Mother Nature is reminding us of Her
Infinite & Powerful Life Force that “exists below the surface” of our human perceptions.
It seems time to come to a more conscious compassionate “Way of Living” on this Planet Earth (a.k.a. Planet Ocean) – Everything we do “ripples out” to touch each & every other living thing! Perhaps the reason the Hawaiian Islands reflect such a deeper understanding of inter-connectedness is that they are surrounded by water – the ocean that “ripples” in every direction in response to certain actions – soon returns the results of those action in multiplied form … (There is more awareness of “cause & effect”,,,)  Somehow, the old legends of four geo-magnetic poles (East & West as well as North & South) do have the “sound” of a better-balanced World – perhaps Mother Earth is re-structuring internally …


Power Builds Day by Day …

Choice Unfolds Hour by Hour;

Insights Given Lead Our Way,

Outer Force Meets Inner Power.

Ever-Widening Circle Grows …

Helping Hand to Friends Returns a Favor;

Yin Meets Yang in Sweet Repose,

When Each in Turn Assists the Other.

“East Meeting West” at ‘Twain’s Gate

May Prove to Be Our Saving Grace …

Polar Opposites of North & South, Find

Four Directions’ Atlantic & Pacific Face.

Balance Returns to Our Mother Earth

With Medicine Wheel Magnetics Given;

Four Corners N-E-S-W Strength …

Bliss of Peace on Earth as In Heaven.

dboman Feb. 2014

WAKE UP: Follow Your Inner Oracle to The Highest Light


In a serendipitous manner, Kathy Callahan’s VENTURE INWARD Article:  “THE ALOHA SPIRIT” was awaiting when I returned to the Mainland in late March…  (Apr/May/Jun/2014 issue, pgs. 12-14)  Her reference to the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit (incorporated into state law, The Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 5-7.5 on pg 13)
is commendable in its guidance for public officials:
            Aloha is more than a word of greeting or farewell or a salutation.
            Aloha means mutual regard and affection and extends warmth in
            caring with no obligation in return.  Aloha is the essence of relation-
            ships in which each person is important to every other person for
            collective existence. Aloha means to hear what is not said, to see
            what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable …

Each time I visit “The Isles,” I find it harder & harder to return to the “Harshness” of the Mainland. Here, there seems a more “deadened” (blinded?) awareness of what re-action our physical actions can cause; we simply cannot continue poisoning our Mother Earth, without experiencing the results of Her “regurgitating” those poisons back to Us (and to our collective “Others” …) 

Messages for 2014
From: Essene Book of Meditations & Blessings - Danaan Parry

THE ESSENES Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, in a series of caves near the Dead Sea, brought to new light the wisdom-teachings of the Essene communities that existed in the deserts of the Middle East well over 2000 years ago.

These spiritual communities were dedicated to preserving the ancient teachings and to preparing the way for the new age of Pisces, when Christ energy would flood the world. They lived in simple harmony with all of nature, following the spiritual wisdom of their inner voices, which the Buddhists call "living one's dharma." Their spiritual practices allowed them to absorb and channel the vibrations and healing powers of the plants, the sun, and the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water; for their own nourishment and for the healing of the earth itself. We have much to learn from these simple folk.

The Essene teachings tell us that John the Baptist was an Essene master, and that he and other Essene teachers trained the initiate Jesus in the ancient wisdom during that 20-year period of his life about which the Bible is silent.

        (Tewa ritual t'amu xch piyeh)
Give me the Wisdom and Lead Me to the Place
Where the Child of Man, Child of Woman is.
You, Male Spirits, Female Spirits
Who Watch Over My Home,
I Have Placed Before You the Food of Tradition,
Make My Heart Right and Guide My Thoughts.
Take Me to Where the Child of the  Spirit is ..

In ARAMAIC language – two words “khata” and “bisha” are rendered as sin and

evil respectively.  However the concepts cued by these words in the language of

Jesus is not normal to western thought.  Each is an archery term – sin or khata

representing “missing the target,” and bisha or evil representing “off target,”

where the arrow went when it missed. Thus in Aramaic these words appear as

“not right” as opposed to their normal meaning of positive wrongs. Increasingly,

neural research, research into the mechanics of the mind, appears to indicate the

fact that the human mind cannot utilize a right-wrong judgment approach …

Apparently the mind must follow at any given moment a right-not right or use

a wrong-not wrong evaluation system; that the mind’s scanning system may be

set to pick up what is right or to pick up what is wrong, but cannot be set both

ways at the same instant.  The Aramaic limitation of sin and evil to “not rights”

appear to reflect understanding of this newly discovered facet of the mind’s

mechanics.  (Pgs 8-9 Enlightenment From The Aramaic, Khabouris Manuscript,

Yonan Codex Foundation, 1974)


It was of the highest importance to the Essene communities that the world of spirit would be integrated with the world of the flesh.  They practiced not only mental but also physical attunement to the higher forces. The following daily attunements are in keeping with this Essene practice.  Combined with daily meditation, they can be used to connect intimately the world of the spirit, mind, and physical body that exist within your being.

SATURDAY - The beginning of the Essene week is devoted to good consciousness.  If possible, reserve this day for fasting.  Take in only water, or perhaps some juice or herbal tea.  If fasting is not possible every Saturday, consume as little food as is necessary, and become highly conscious of the quality and the benefits of the food.  Attune your body to the vibration of the liquid or food, so that you become nourished by its essence.  In this way, water alone can become your food of life.

SUNDAY - A day devoted to tending the earth.  In the spirit of regeneration, healing, and abundance, give as much time as possible to creative work in the garden. This garden may be your backyard garden, a communal farm, your rosebushes or a small section of your city park that cries out for loving care.  The focus is on your role as a steward of your planet, and on learning to absorb life energy from the plants and to give it back again.

MONDAY - A day of silence. Change nothing in your daily routine with the exception of talking.  Allow the world to deal with your silence, and be fully conscious of how you deal with it. Contemplate the many alternative ways of relating & communicating and how the medium of speech at times dilutes the intensity of our relationships.  Write in your journal about your experience.

TUESDAY - A day of simple contemplation of the joy of life, the fullness of your blessings.  After morning meditation and breakfast, take an extended walk in a natural setting, silently. Avoid distractions, and focus on the colors, smells, and the state of nature at this point in the seasonal cycle.  If a morning walk is not possible, any time of day or night will do. The focus is on creation of a silent, meditative walk through nature, becoming one with your surroundings.  Write in your journal afterwards.

WEDNESDAY - Here the focus is on the sun, allowing its power and light to enter your body. Rise early and go to a place where you can observe sunrise.  Begin your morning meditation as the first rays of sun bathe your body.  If possible, allow the sun's rays to nourish your naked body this day, even when the weather is cold.

THURSDAY - A day of purification, of cleansing all the bodies of you. Carry the spirit of purification with you into meditation. Arrange to bathe your body in a leisurely, contemplative atmosphere. Consider the connections between your own water, your blood, and the waters of life. Consider the sap in trees, the rivers, lakes, and oceans, the circulatory system of our Mother Earth.

FRIDAY - The inbreath & outbreath  of the Universe is contemplated through long periods of controlled breathing.  During meditation, alternately block the left and right nasal passages, taking ten breaths through each. Throughout the day, continually bring your awareness to your breath, taking long, deep inhalations frequently .......Contemplate your Stillpoint, which occurs between exhalation and inhalation.  It is the point where we "die" at each outbreath and are "reborn" with each inbreath.  Write in your journal ...

It is Critical that Each of Us help “Hold the Sacred Space” on our “Planet Ocean”…
In These Days of Change … Each Action … Each Voice … Adds to “The Chorus”
With Enough Harmonic Energetics … We Multiply “Peace on Earth” for All …

The Aloha Spirit can be practiced by anyone … (the Dalai Lama is a good example of a modern non-Hawaiian.)  His code of “Never Give Up” found at Nechung Dorie Drayang Ling Temple (Immutable Island of Melodious Sound) & Retreat Center in Wood Valley, Hawaii, expresses this spirit beautifully:

No matter what is going on
Never give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
is spent on developing the mind
instead of the heart
Develop the heart
Be compassionate
Not just to your friends but to everyone
Be compassionate
Work for peace
in your heart and in the world
Work for Peace

And I say it again
Never give up
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going on around you

Never give up
His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama

In these “limbo dance” days of change & uncertainty … the balance & the focus of the Dance of Life is hard to maintain … I would like to offer the following Peace Chant …


“Mahalo” Lanai’i – Mystic Isle of Ancient Kahuna powers – Marine Home of (endangered species) Hawaiian Monk Seal & Green “Honu” SeaTurtle – you are now filled with “images” of dear new friends who also long for long-ago Lemuria! Seekers amidst the “Sunbursts” of California – the Baha’i of Tonga – perhaps even Amelia Earhart & her marine reefs will help show us “the way home” again …
Now & Then, I’m You – Sometimes Again, I’m Me
Often A River, Sailing Free – Or River Otter, So Playful to See
A Winging Heron, Or Warbling Songbird – A Golden Condor, Not Yet Fully Heard
Maybe the Sunshine, Perhaps A Tree – With Rustling Leaves, Singing to Thee
Akashic Winds, Blowing So True – In Time Revealing, The Who of You
We Are A Puzzle, To All Who See Us – Humans “Being” Joy, Faith-Pleasure Seekers
Sometimes I’m None, Again I’m More – Than Ever Could Come, From This Inner Core
Oceans of Hope, From Shores of Old – Waves of Love, On Beaches of Gold
Who I Am, Has Yet to Be – The Us That Is, Both You & Me …


"It's Going To Be All Right, Dear"
(colored pencil by Yolande Boman)
A Loving Commitment to All That Is ....
(Out of the muddied waters grows a beautiful lotus)
When we are patient & understanding enough with ourselves & others to
withstand "the uncomfortable moments," we can truly "Be"
with Both Our Beloved & Our Divine Source ... And So It Is ...



    Little Known Fact: That Joseph, Step-Father of Jeshua Ben Joseph
(as well as Mother Mary), was an Essene adept …

(Golden Condor/Golden Eagle)
... When the Golden Condor of South America & the Golden Eagle of North America come together ... 
Peace will awaken on Earth ...
(Tribal Ink)


  (Mayan Blessings)
We've Circled & Circled
In That Spiral Quest ...
Seeking Home Alone,
Where Heart's Know Best
Yet More To Come ...
Has Always Been;
In Eternity's Violet Light,
Unfolding Levels Deepen
Facing Other's Golden Gaze
Heads Meet In The Clouds;
Misty Milky Way Essence
Blends Cosmic Egg Minds
Mulling Things Over ...
We Are Lost In The Past
Calling In The Now ...
We Are One Again At Last
Magnificent Eagle of Golden North
What Calls You Ever Forward ...
Wondrous Condor of Golden South
What Turns You Ever Inward ...
Eternally, Soulfully See
Golden Feathers Entwine ...
Prayerful Sacred Flower G
Seals Lasting Loving Embrace
Hearts Joined In Communion
Beat In Joyful Ge Sounds ...
Wing Toward True Homeland
Seeding Forever "T" Surrounds ...